The Maintenance Engineer, 1. Plan, Organize and Control the resources assigned to achieve equipment availability through the execution of corrective and preventive maintenance with quality and effectiveness. 2. Monitors performance indicators of the department and its area and participates in the planning and execution of defined improvement activities. 3. Preparation of Work instruction on different device applications and maintenance of equipment and work tools. 4. Coordinates the accomplishment of tasks of support in aspect of maintenance or improvement of equipment; Such as Torque monitoring and others as manufacturing or conditioning fixtures or equipment destined to production, allocating the necessary resources to efficiently achieve the results. 5. Support other areas sharing their knowledge about the operation and maintenance of equipment to make them better used. 6. Supervises the performance of the personnel under his responsibility as well as the compliance of the policies of the company. 7. Meet with the personnel under his responsibility to inform them of the tasks and events of the plant. 8. It is responsible for following and promoting adherence to procedures and standards to ensure good cleaning and effective maintenance. 9. Perform audits to keep order and cleaning within their work areas. 10. Support and encourage participation and help in the development of team members.

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