Follow up, updates & status of the materials for Module & Sewing areas through Leading to Lean.
Supplier development for machined parts and components.
Returns of articles by guarantees, creation of PTN for customs & logistics, integrate all the paperwork for customs in order to release the materials.
Review open PO’s according to each project, support finance department to complete the transferences to another productive plants. (End of the project) Cancel or confirm missing deliveries.
Evaluate & analyze data, delivery dates, substitute products, actions plans, cause of the delays of the materials. Prevent and create new strategies that allows us to be more efficient as well as evaluate risks/opportunities.
Keep the user informed & share the information with PM, Supervisors in order to make an opportune decision. Detection of threats on time.
Follow up to quotations with the PU department, and confirmations of the PO with National & Foreign Suppliers.
Coordinate meetings between Designers, PM & Supplier in order to clear all the technical issues.
Comply our client’s requirements in order to achieve their expectations and needs. Protect our internal clients.
Follow up to critical & urgent projects.

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Nos esforzamos por salvar más vidas y prevenir lesiones graves, y nos enfocamos continuamente en la calidad, la confianza y la seguridad para nuestros clientes, la estabilidad y el crecimiento para nuestros accionistas y empleados, además de ser sostenibles y ganar confianza dentro de nuestras comunidades.


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