AS7 Program Manager (Matamoros, Tamaulipas)

The Program Manager role will be new to AMM. The purpose to introduce this role is to gain efficiency in follow up on issues and activities at AMM post-TG4 consistent with our Best Cost Country strategy. Currently, this workload is being done by AMM Engineering team and/or ATC/OTC Business Units. This position would allow us to recruit specific skill sets for the position of Program manager and separately for Engineers. Finding candidates with both skill sets has proven to be a challenge. The expectation of the position is to assure timely closure of improvement initiatives beyond TG4. Key measurables include, but not limited to: ECR’s implemented on time, cost recovery and EBIT improvement of ECR’s, reduction in Engineering Change lead times, VEVA targets met, Optimal Profit/Loss targets met, and execute strategies that support optimal logistics (example: transfer BMW assembly line to AWC).

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Autoliv Matamoros Mexico

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Lugar de trabajo

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