Design Engineer 1 (TJ,MX)

​Design New Machines for AST, AMX and ABR (Mechanical Side). Able to work in a multitasking environment. Ensure machines compliance with standards such as MPS.

  • LONG LEAD ITEMS: Machines Quantity, obtain the RFQ,
  • LLI , actions according with SOW (EPS), Create file to PDM, purchasing by Design and Order.                          
  • KICK OFF: Product concept, design concept, PFMEAS, Pokayokes, Lessons learn, EPS standard, product 3D, components 2D.
  • START OF DESIGN KICK OFF: 3D conversions, from Catia to SolidWorks, touch tooling re-design (if applicable) Send the PDR to Project Coordinator.                     
  • PDR: Machine Design presentation, to give feedback  of (Safety, IE, NL, PE).                           
  • START OF DESING IN PDR: FDR.                                         
  • CONTROLS VERIFICATION:  Control review closed actions    
  • DOC REVIEW: BOM revision to 3D building (PDFs), Deliver (BOM, PDFs, E-DWG).                                                                 
  • DESIGN AND ORDER: Order of toolings, commercial materials.           
  • POST DOC REVIEW: List of actions from Machine build book.
  • Release and freeze design.
  • Other activities that the department requires.

Catia, Solid Works, Autocad

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