Human Resources Supervisor (Tj, Mx)

This position needs to be adaptable to the different operation’s needs, as well as to have an in-depth knowledge of the different systems and regulations to be able to propose alternatives.
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To assure the correct and opportune payment of all employees, have in place the proper procedures to pay according to the wages, compensations and benefits tables. Give opportune and clear response to employees, internal and external auditors and inspections or requirements of the different government agencies. Continually improve to simplify and comply with the different regulations. 

An attention to detail is needed, the position should be able to analyze large quantities of data and take action. 
The position must take the actions needed to complete the pre-payroll every Tuesday at 8am, with cero defects caused by Human Resources and continually improve to eliminate defects caused by other areas. 

• To assure that an updated manual of procedures exists for the activities related to the pre payroll.
• To inquiries about the pre payroll in 24 hours or less. 
• To register and have a detailed history of incidents caused in the pre-payroll as well as to give solutions to them. 
• To apply and reinforce the compliance to the Collective Contract and the Internal Work Rules, specially but not exclusively those related to payment.  
• Identify all the types of compensation, depending of classification, grade, salary, shift, etc., and assure the correct payment. 
• Assure that an administration to the vacations is in place and is being followed. 
• Present the required metrics on a timely fashion. 
• In conjunction with Payroll department follow up to requirements made by INFONAVIT, FONACOT, or others that may affect the payment of the employee.
• To bring to his/her Manager any diversion to the standards of Conduct and Ethics related or not to the activity of the position.
• To take an active part in the improvement projects of the area. 
• Manage the payments of resignations and food pensions. 
• Represent the HR Department in the daily meetings of AMG’s or AMC’s.
• Attend official visitors or of governmental character from the IMSS, INFONAVIT, STPS, etc. 
• Take part in the Human Resources events, as organizing staff. 
• Continues improvement to the pre-payroll processes. 
• Others inherent and relative to the position.

  • Experience of 2 years in Administration of pre-payroll,
  • Recruitment and selection of personnel.
  • Experience in companies with more than 1000 employees.
  • Experience in Administration of processes.
  • Experience in Audits SOX, ISO TS16949.
  • Law, INFONAVIT and Mexican Revenue Tax Law.
  • (R) Deep Knowledge of the Collective Contract and Interior Work Rules.
  • (R) Domain of the Tress System. (M) Intermediate-advanced Excel.

English: 90%, understood and some written and speaking abilities.

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Labor Relations, Administration or related.

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